5 Key Moments From WWE Raw (October 11, 2021)

Drew McIntyre Big E
Credit: WWE

This week WWE Raw came from the Chase Center in San Francisco, California. The King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown Tournaments continued with more first round matches, Riddle got squashed by Omos, Ali turned on Mansoor, and Austin Theory bested Jeff Hardy. But also:

Who advanced in the King of the Ring tournament? Who? Who?

Xavier Woods and Ricochet met in a first round match of this year’s King of the Ring tournament. Halfway through the match Woods took himself to the outside to recuperate but Ricochet didn’t let him have the chance, instead using the opportunity to launch himself over the ring post onto Xavier on the outside. Ricochet then jumped back in the ring and straight back out again, hitting a Suicide Shoulder Block Dive on the New Day member. Ricochet then went for yet ANOTHER leap to the outside but this time Woods sidestepped and launched him flying into the barrier. Back in the ring and Woods hit a huge Elbow Drop from the top rope to get the pin and advance to the semi-finals.

Baszler took a step closer to the Queen’s Crown

Dana Brooke faced the seemingly impossible on Raw when she took on Queen of Spades, Shayna Baszler. Brooke came to fight though, and managed to get a bit of offence in early but as she went for the Handspring Elbow, got caught in Shayna’s Kirifuda Clutch. Dana escaped and got a couple of close pinfalls on Baszler but a huge Knee Strike put Brooke down for the count. The Queen of Spades advances towards the Queen’s Crown.

Are we set for a New Day vs. New Day semi-final match?

Kofi Kingston took on Jinder Mahal in a first round King of the Ring match and, as alluded to earlier by Kevin Patrick, if Kofi won he’d face off against teammate Xavier Woods in the next round. Woods was at ringside supporting Kofi, while Mahal had both Veer and Shanky in his corner. It would be the ones at ringside that caused the outcome of the match as when Veer and Shanky tried to distract Kofi, Xavier took offence and launched himself at the big men and took out Shanky. Veer then knocked Xavier down with a huge Clothesline, Kingston hit Veer with a Dropkick through the ropes, and Jinder took the distraction to get a close two count. Kofi then went high risk which didn’t pay off as he got caught in the Khallas and pinned. Jinder advanced.

The Women’s Champions teamed against Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks. It went well…

Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch were forced to team up and take on The EST of WWE Bianca Belair and The Boss, Sasha Banks. It was chaos from the start as Belair and Banks came to blows as to who would be starting the match for their team before Lynch attacked them both. Becky and Bianca went at it, then Banks and Belair (again, “teammates”) fought before Flair came in and attacked Sasha leaving Belair and Lynch fighting in the corner. At least Charlotte and Big Time Becks were on the same page. Well, until Flair levelled her with a huge boot anyway. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville interrupted and told all four Superstars to start the match properly and show the world what they’ve got. When the match finally got started Bianca and Becky fought in the ring until Sasha tagged herself in by launching Belair to the floor. Flair then tagged HERSELF in by slapping Lynch around her head. Banks used the distraction to hit Flair with the Backstabber and then hit Becky with a big knee. Belair attacked Banks (again, teammates…) once more and the referee finally ended the match as a double disqualification. Becky, Banks and Belair fought some more but it was Big Time Becks standing tall at the end after she hit Sasha with the Man Handled Slam.

It was NOT a good night for opponents teaming up

At the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV, WWE Champion Big E and Drew McIntyre will face off for the WWE Championship. At the start of the show they were having it out on the microphone in the ring but were interrupted by Jimmy and Jey Uso. This ended up with Big E and Big D eating Superkicks from the SmackDown Tag Team Champions and led to a main event tag team match. Towards the end of the match Big E went for the Big Ending on Jey but was countered and thrown into Drew on the apron, knocking the Scotsman to the floor. As Big E went for a pin attempt McIntyre pulled him to the outside and after a bit of shoving they went at each other. They ignored the referee’s count and lost the match by countout as they were too busy beating each other up. The Usos hit a double dive from the ring to the outside on the big men, then attacked them both until the Scottish Warrior and the Champ fought back with a couple of big suplexes to the Bloodline members. Back in the ring Big E almost hit Drew with the Big Ending but instead got a Claymore for his troubles. McIntyre stood tall as Raw went off the air.