5 Key Moments From WWE SmackDown (October 8, 2021)

Bianca Belair

The WWE SmackDown season 24 premiere episode came from the SAP Center in San Jose, California. Roman Reigns made Paul Heyman talk to the camera and inform Brock Lesnar how and why he would be beaten at Crown Jewel, Kevin Owens took another beat-down from Happy and Madcap, and Carmella and Balor advanced in their respective tournaments. Plus all of this:

Belair bashed Becky and Banks

The contract signing for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Title match took place on the opening segment of this week’s show. Bianca Belair was in the ring, Sasha Banks was on (literally stood on) the announce table, and champion Becky Lynch had her own table set up on the ramp. After each Superstar took turns to berate the others, Bianca had enough and suggested that Sasha and Becky get in the ring with her. Big Time Becks marched to the ring but The Boss jumped Bianca from behind and then Lynch attacked Sasha. Belair got the upper hand, and BOTH women up for the Kiss of Death at the same time, but Banks wriggled free. A kick from Bianca put Sasha prone on the table and the EST hit the KOD on Becky, through Banks, through the table. (The contract didn’t get signed, naturally.)

King of the Ring kicked off

The opening match of the King of the Ring tournament saw Rey Mysterio go against Sami Zayn. Rey’s son, Dominik, chose to stay and watch from the back for this one but during the match Zayn launched Rey shoulder first into the ring post and Dominik came to ringside to support his father. Later in the match Sami took off a turnbuckle pad with bad intentions, and as Dominik tried to fasten it back on he was shouted at by Rey to get off the apron. Zayn pushed a distracted Rey into his son and got the roll-up pin to advance in the tournament and carry on being the bane of the Mysterios.

First ever Queen of the Ring match took place

Toni Storm took on Zelina Vega in a first round match in the Queen’s Crown tournament. Before the match Zelina announced she would be known as Queen Vega whereas Toni said she would call herself the Queen of Rock. Storm was out-powering Vega with some big moves – first she hit an atomic drop then a running elbow to knock Zelina to the mat and this was followed by a hip attack in the corner. Vega came out on top, however, after reversing a backslide attempt by Toni in to the code red to get the pin and get one step closer to royalty.

Deville set a match for Naomi

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville were backstage trying to figure out the contract signing for the SmackDown Women’s title when an irate Naomi interrupted to ask Sonya why she hadn’t been included in the Queen’s Crown tournament. Deville told her it was because she wasn’t worthy of being in the tournament, or even worthy of being on the SmackDown roster. Naomi looked at Pearce and asked to be traded back to the Raw roster but Deville told her she has a match next week, against Sonya herself. “It’s on.” came the reply.

Did Seth lose his edge? Hell…

Last week in a shocking display of maliciousness, Seth Rollins invaded the home of long time rival, Edge. This week Seth came to the ring and called Edge out to answer his challenge. He went on to say that Edge could name the time, place, and match stipulation, even if it’s in his living room so his wife and daughters could cheer him on. The big screen then showed the Rated R Superstar arriving at the backstage area, and he soon made his way to the ring. Seething, he rushed Rollins inside the ring and hit him with the spear. On the outside, Edge tackled Seth over the table then slammed him in to the ring steps. Back in the ring Edge tried to lock in the crossface but Rollins escaped, and then Edge got on the mic to accept the challenge with six short words. “You. Me. Hell in a Cell.” The smugness had been wiped from Seth’s face as the show went off the air.