The Wrestling Week’s Best & Worst Moments (September 27 – October 3)

This is the start of my new feature here on Hooked On Wrestling where I’ll be giving my take on the wrestling week’s best and worst moments. It will feature what I’m going to call my top five heaven and hell happenings in the last seven days, covering WWE Raw, NXT, Dynamite, SmackDown and Rampage on a weekly basis.

Top Five Heaven Moments

1 The WWE Draft

The draft of recent years has not lived up to the hype, but this year’s draft is shaping up nicely after SmackDown. Belair in Round One going to Raw shows the faith WWE have in her as a legit main event star going forward. I am also happy Drew is off to Friday nights as well. He has done everything over on Raw and I am all for the eventual showdown with Reigns. Overall, a great start to the draft.

2 Sammy Guevara wins the TNT title

Sammy is an immense talent. He has steadily been built up over the last couple of years as a star of the future, and it was about time they gave him that big win. Whilst it could be argued having Miro losing the title might derail him a little bit, he has proven since joining AEW that he is a star and shouldn’t lose too much traction following this loss.

3 The return of The Hurt Business

I think most fans thought it was too early to break this faction up earlier in the year, and it looks like WWE eventually agreed. I am glad they are back together. Shelton and Cedric being with MVP and Lashley just makes sense, as both performers were back to doing nothing but sitting in catering. I hope this leads to something going forward and it doesn’t make Lashley just the normal “cheap win” heel.

4 Seth Rollins

Inject this segment into my veins. I loved it and I love Seth in this maniacal type of role. It had shades of Orton going to Triple H’s house a few years ago. There is just something unspeakable about going to another person’s home and making themselves comfortable. I loved that segment.

5 CM Punk on Commentary

CM Punk has been used in different ways since his return, and his work on commentary has always been fun. I enjoy him being there as he just comes across naturally and none of his jokes or insights seem to be forced. People will say he “buried” The Dark Order during their commentary, but I see it as just a light joke and well, I’d imagine we have all said similar at some point regarding The Dark Order.

Top Five Hell Moments

1 Eva Marie interrupting Doudrop’s match

I am sorry, but was this even needed? I can’t be the only one that thought this feud was over. This isn’t a knock on either talent but after Doudrop won twice against Eva, surely that ends the feud? Let’s be honest, does anyone really want more of this?

2 Squash matches

Normally I do not mind these types of matches, we have seen them used 100’s of times but doing two similar matches on one show is just a bit meh for me. Keith Lee and Karrion Kross are both brilliant performers, but squash matches do nothing to showcase their abilities. Hopefully, this is just a stop gap to help the audience get to know them a bit better.

3 Bryan Danielson wrestling on Rampage

I am aware this one will raise some eyebrows, but I am simply not a fan of Danielson wrestling on a taped show, especially so soon after debuting. This has nothing to do with the match itself, although the outside shenanigans didn’t help. Bryan is a star, one of the biggest in the wrestling world and having him wrestle on a taped show just doesn’t make sense to me.

4 Arn Anderson Glock nonsense

It might very well be the British in me, but this just felt weird. I am not sure why bringing up shooting a man in the head is relevant to wrestling or why it got a pop as well. I get this is a way of making Cody have character development, but I just did not like it.

5 The New Day being drafted

Come on, was this needed, again? We only just got the band properly back together, why split them up so soon? My guess is they want Big E to stand completely on his own and I understand that, but I would have preferred them to be back together for a little bit longer.

There you have it, my top five heaven and hell moments of the week. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Agree? Disagree? Feel free to discuss it on Twitter with both Hooked On Wrestling (@ho_wrestling) and myself (@garytait1).