The Godfather Says Hulk Hogan “Was No Friend Of Mine”

Hulk Hogan

WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather has not minced his words regarding wrestling icon Hulk Hogan and says Hogan is not a “good guy.”

Charles Wright may be best remembered today for his run in the Attitude Era as The Godfather but his WWE career stretches back to the beginning of the nineties when he portrayed the voodoo-loving Papa Shango.

It was Papa Shango who found himself getting involved with a scrap in the ring with Hogan and a returning Ultimate Warrior in the aftermath of the WrestleMania 8 main event between Hogan and Sid.

Speaking on Midnight Hustle Podcast. The Godfather explained why he wasn’t completely focussed on his WrestleMania moment at the time and mentions that he is certainly no fan of The Hulkster:

“I was going through a bad divorce at that time, so Hogan, Warrior, Sid… that sh*t didn’t mean anything to me. I mean, nothing. I didn’t care about Hogan, bro. He wasn’t no friend of mine. Still isn’t, you know. It doesn’t even matter, doesn’t even matter. He’s not the good guy people think he is, and I’ll let it go at that.”

The main event between Sid and Hogan resulted in a disqualification win for The Hulkster after Sid’s manager Harvey Wippleman go involved. The story has often been repeated over the years that Papa Shago missed his queue to interfere in the match and cause the disqualification himself but The Godfather maintains he made his way to the ring exactly when he was told to:

“They had nobody else with heat on them so I kind of got thrown to the dogs, but that’s business, bro. I’m a businessman. It is what it is. The thing on being late, they just sent me late. I never even knew I was late. I just knew when they sent me I was supposed to go.”

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