Zlatan Ibrahimovic Reveals Bizarre Reason Why Man United Docked £1 From His Wages

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has slammed Manchester United for having “a small mentality” as he reveals the bizarre reason he was once docked a solitary pound from his exorbitant pay cheque.

At the age of 40 Ibrahimovic is still slamming in the goals in Serie A in his third spell at AC Milan. The accolades the Swede has achieved in a legendary career are too numerous to mention with the star striker winning league titles in The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and France.

In 2016 Zlatan Ibrahimovic graced the Premier League after signing for Manchester United for a reported £200,000 a week. Ibrahimovic proved to be a massive success during the Jose Mourinho era at Old Trafford as he slotted home 29 goals in just 53 appearances for The Red Devils.

Now in his new autobiography, Adrenaline, Ibrahimovic has discussed his time playing for the red side of Manchester and revealed a bizarre situation that left the superstar looking a quid that had been snaffled from his wages:

“One thing surprised me: everyone thinks of United as a top club, one of the richest and most powerful in the world and seen from the outside it looked that way to me. But once I was there I found a small, closed mentality.”

“One day I was in the hotel with the team before a game. I got thirsty so I opened the mini-bar and had a fruit juice. We played and then went home. Some time went by. My payslip arrives. Normally I don’t look at it. I only do so at the end of the year to see what’s come in and what’s gone out. But that time, I don’t know why, I was curious and realised they’d taken a pound off my monthly wage.”

“I called the team manager: ‘Excuse me, why have they taken a pound off my salary.’ The team manager had a look and told me: ‘It was the fruit juice from the mini-bar.’ ‘Are you kidding, seriously?’ ‘No, I’m not. Here, if you order something you have to pay for it.'”

“Sure, but I didn’t go to the hotel on my own accord. I wasn’t on holiday. It was my workplace. I was there for Manchester. If I have to play and I’m thirsty, I have to drink. I can’t go on the pitch dehydrated.’

“Can you believe it? A quid? Something like that would never happen in Italy. These are the details that make a difference and earn the respect of the players.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic then explained, in typical Zlatan style, how he had to show his paperwork every time he tried to get into the club’s Carrington training ground:
“Every day I was asked to show my papers just to get into the training ground. I’d lower my window and say to the person at the gate: ‘Listen my friend I’ve been coming here every day for a month. I’m the best player in the world. If you still don’t recognise me, you’re in the wrong job.'”