Why Does Barcelona Sensation Gavi Play With His Laces Untied? Xavi Explains

Credit: fcbarcelona.com

Barcelona wonderkid Gavi has taken the football world by storm this year with some incredible performances for club and country alike, but he’s hit the headlines this week with the realisation that his laces are more often than not untied!

Obviously laces can become untied during a football match and, well, just in general life. However, when one notices such an occurrence, they normally attempt to fix it! Well, not Gavi – and his manager has shed some light on why.

Yes, in his post-match press conference, Barcelona Xavi spoke about his star midfielder’s relaxed attitude to having his laces fastened.

“Gavi has been playing with his laces untied since he was very young, it’s because he doesn’t know how to tie them well. He doesn’t care and he plays like that.”

While team-mate Nico Gonzalez has already taken to his Instagram stories to share a photo of him helping Gavi tie his laces properly, the Spanish wonderkid isn’t the only player to show the same freedom to his tying technique as his football ability.

Gavi has been compared to Barcelona legend Lionel Messi – no pressure – for his incredible technique and the age in which he’s setting La Liga alight for the Catalan giants, but it’s another Argentine superstar he’s following in the loosely-laced footsteps of now.

As Italian paper Il Mattino explained, Maradona “always trained with his laces undone. He just felt more comfortable that way, he felt the ball better. He’d only tie them up just before kick off.”

Maradona also played many games with his laces completely untied.

Meanwhile, Barcelona’s financial future seems to have left Gavi’s future uncertain. His present deal expires in 2023, but the 17-year-old has a €50 million release clause that may just tempt a sale. While Gavi reportedly wishes to remain with the club, the teenager is due a €2 million bonus if he re-signs, according to the Spanish press.

Meanwhile, Barcelona are reportedly set to sign Ferran Torres for over £50 million thanks to a bank loan.

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