Which European Club Sold Most Replica Shirts In 2021?

European Club football shirts

A new study has revealed how many replica shirts were sold by European clubs in 2021, with a surprising name landing the number one spot and the English Premier League dominating the top 10.

Replica shirts are big business in football with millions of shirts sold every year. Whether it’s because of a change of design, a new star player joining your club, or just plain tradition – football fans can’t get enough of representing our beloved clubs wherever we go.

Now a new study by marketing firm Euromerica Sport Marketing as reported by Italian site Calcioefinanza has revealed which European clubs managed to flog the most jersey to their fans during 2021.

With the English Premier League’s ever-growing tentacles invading every corner of the world, it comes as no surprise that four EPL teams reached the top 10 for most shirts sold. However, it was Germany’s behemoths Bayern Munich that came out on top with a whopping 3.25 million shirts sold.

That was 200,000 more than the team in second place, Spanish giants Real Madrid. The ever-stylish Los Blancos saw off competition from former English Premier League champions in Liverpool, who sold 2.45 million shirts.

The red of half of Liverpool will be pleased to see their trophy-laden recent campaigns have propelled them to half a million more shirt sales than their old rivals Manchester United.

The Old Lady of Italian football, Juventus, round out the top 5 with the famous black and white stripes adorning 1.42 million backs on the streets of Turin and beyond in 2021.

The full top 10 can be found below –

  1. Bayern Munich (Germany), 3,250,000
  2. Real Madrid (Spain), 3,050,000
  3. Liverpool (England), 2,450,000
  4. Manchester United (England), 1,950,000
  5. Juventus (Italy), 1,420,000
  6. Barcelona (Spain), 1,340,000
  7. Chelsea (England), 1,310,000
  8. Borussia Dortmund (Germany), 1,222,000
  9. PSG (France), 1,180,000
  10. Manchester City (England), 1,087,000