Thomas Tuchel Hits Back At Lukaku Comments – “I Don’t Like It”

John Terry Chelsea

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has hit back at Romelu Lukaku’s comments about being unhappy with his role at the club earlier this season.

Tuchel says the comments “bring noise that we don’t need” after Lukaku suggested he’d like to return to Inter Milan in an interview recorded several weeks ago but which aired on Thursday.

“I don’t like it, but I don’t want to make more out of it than it actually is. It is very easy to take lines out of context.”

Lukaku said in the interview with Sky Sport Italia that he was “not happy with the situation” before adding, “But I am a worker and I must not give up.”

Tuchel added that he wants a calm environment but does not think Lukaku seems unhappy.

“To be honest I don’t like it because it’s noise we don’t need. We need a calm environment and focus and it does not help.

“I don’t feel him unhappy. I feel the exact opposite. If you asked me yesterday morning I would say that he is absolutely fine. That’s why it’s a surprise but I am the wrong person to ask.”

Lukaku returned to Chelsea for a club record £97.5 million in August and has been impressive whenever on the pitch, but has struggled for game time due to injury and illness.

“We can take the time to try to understand what is going on because it does not reflect the daily work, the daily attitude, the daily behaviour Romelu shows here.”

The 28-year-old has scored seven goals in 18 appearances since rejoined the club.

“We will [talk to Lukaku] and we will do it behind closed doors and we will do it openly like I think the relationship is and has always been.

“Today’s world is today’s world and everything is out there in public. If you are a big player like Romelu he knows what kind of value he has when he speaks out with messages like this.”

Tuchel added that it isn’t a bad thing to be on the edge, but that he is surprised by the Belgian striker’s comments.

“It is not necessary to always be in harmony to be successful. You don’t have to hug each other and love each other every single day. Sometimes it is good to be on the edge.

“With Romelu I don’t think anyone in this building is aware he is unhappy. That is what makes us very surprised about his statements. We need to check because I can see no reason why it should be like this.”

Chelsea Football Club, meanwhile, announced eye-watering financial losses following the signing of Lukaku.

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